Policies & Terms

Final Payment:
Final payment is made on the day of your  appointment. Credit card and cash are acceptable forms of payment. Your final payment amount will be the total cost of your appointment, less your deposit amount.The B.Brow will not accept personal checks as payment.  The B.Brow is separate from Brazilia Skincare and does not accept Spa Finder, Groupon, or Brazilia Skincare gift certificates.

The B. Brow DOES NOT guarantee healed results on anyone. The final result will vary from person to person. A person’s lifestyle and genetics will affect the treatment and it’s results. Brow powder or pencil may still be required to give you the results you desire. Any additional sessions after the one included touch up will be charged accordingly.

All appointments must be booked through The B. Brow’s online booking. We do not take credit cards over the phone.  Your appointment typically takes 2 to 3 hours. Please plan  accordingly and expect to be at your appointment for a solid  3 hours. Please give yourself ample time for parking and to fill out forms. If you are more than 15 mins late for your appointment  your appointment will be rescheduled and forfeit your deposit. Here at The B.Brow we do not want to rush your procedure and your appointment and time  is valuable to us.

The B. Brow only allows for you to reschedule an appointment once within 72 HRS of your appointment before forfeiting your deposit paid. ALL RESCHEDULING MUST BE DONE THROUGH OUR ONLINE BOOKING. This is also goes for follow up appointments and consultation appointments.

Follow up appointments must be done between  6 -12 weeks after your first procedure at the $50 price.  Rescheduling follow up appointments past three months after your initial appointment will not be eligible for the $50 touch up price. All follows up past the 3 month mark will be required to pay $250 for a  follow up appointment. If you fail to notify or cancel your appointment within less than 72 HRS in advance you will forfeit your deposit.A “NO SHOW” results in forfeiting your deposit & any future bookings with The B. Brow and its artists. NO EXCEPTIONS. We acknowledge that emergencies may occur from time to time but please be considerate to others who may have wanted your appointment time.

Follow Ups:
We recommend to do at least one touch up following your first session for the best results. This follow up is intended to tighten up the shape of your eyebrows or eyeliner and fill in any places where the pigment may have faded or fallen out since your original appointment. We recommend scheduling your touch up within 6 to 8 weeks from your original appointment and no later than three months of your initial appointment. Follow up appointments are not complimentary and cost $50 within the three month time frame after your first session. After the three months are expired, any touch up fee is a flat rate of $250. We recommend annual touch ups. If you no show your follow up appointment, you forfeit the right to the follow up price of $50 and will have to pay the $250 fee in order to reschedule.

If you decide to change your mind after your first microblading appointment and switch to have a powder filled/ ombre /shaded eyebrow procedure instead you will be charged accordingly for the change of service. You will be charged for any additional follow up appointments because the service performed has changed.

Colorboost/Refresh Appointments:
These appointments are made after your follow up appointment and within 1-2 years of  your initial appointment. They are designed to brighten your color and refresh your treatment.  You MUST book this appointment with the artist that completed your service originally. The touch up/refresher price listed is only valid when booked with the artist that performed your service the first time.  If you decide to book with another artist than your original artist you will be charged full price or to the artist discretion. If you change the shape or design from your original procedure it is full price.

Pricing per service may change with certain promotional offers, advertisements, or seasonal fluctuation. Your total will be defined as the advertised total cost at the time that your deposit is completed. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Previously Tattooed:
If you are previously tattooed and would like us to work on you, you must email us a CLEAR photo of your brows to see if you are a candidate (thebbrow@gmail.com). When you come in for your appointment, your artist will discuss your possible options and prices. Pricing is subject to change due to the saturation of your previous permanent makeup. If you book an appointment online and have not consulted with us that you are previously tattooed, your deposit may be forfeited and your appointment may be cancelled.

Studio Policies:

  • Please No Food or Drinks in the treatment room.
  • We love children and animals but for their safety they are not allowed in the treatment room. (this includes service animals)
  • We love family and friends but unfortunately they are not allowed in the treatment room during the procedure as they can be distracting to our artists while they are performing the procedure. We want to give our clients our full attention.

*By booking an appointment you agree to all policies of The B.Brow